What Next trip after bali?

What Next trip after bali?

Hi, I'm olan from lombok. let's me explain you how looks so pretty cool island called lombok. first of all is i want to say "sorry". maybe you can see many of my sentence is wrong in english. i just want to start to writing every sentence, every paragraf to increase my english skill. dont worry every time i learn, i update my website to be a perfectly. lets go 

Bali is a wonderful island, every people know that. But, a lot of people doesn’t know, bali is a part of Indonesian. Everyone know in bali include nusa penida, kuta beach, and etc.

Do you know what next trip after bali? “lombok”. Yes, Lombok is a part of Indonesian. And more that bali!. Why? Okay let’s me explane why Lombok more that bali.



Lombok only 1 hours from bali (use airplane to lombok international airport). So one of reason is short distance. Not only bali to Lombok short distance. But also, Lombok is a wonderful mountain called rinjani. Not only rinjani. If you want go to beach and see sunset or sunrise. You can go to Senggigi beach. For party and see how beautiful diving, you can go to trawangan beach. You want to climbing and see beach? Okay you can go to tanjung aan beach.



Plecing, ares, ayam bakar is from Lombok. Plecing in east java and plecing in Lombok is diferent. In Lombok plecing so hot. And very delicious.


3.       WATERFALL

In Lombok you can see a lot of waterfall like jeruk manus waterfall, benang kelambu waterfall and etc.

4.       Beautiful beach for sunrise, sunset and diving


5.       Beautiful climbing in MT. Rinjani


So, if you want to trip in secret Lombok. You can see my blog and my chanel youtube because on my blog and video, I tell us about how many cost, where the secret beach, and other. Thanks for reading guys. See you in the next article.


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